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Solar & Battery Storage – A Combination Made In Heaven Or Will It Never Work??

Here at LEC Energy, we don’t just preach renewables, we are actively involved in them within our own homes.

At the end of December 18, we commissioned additional solar to bring the installed capacity upto 6.49kW of solar onto one of our employees homes, together with a 10kW, BYD, battery storage system.

The thought process was, with the low light levels, reduced daylight, and usage from an occupied 4 bedroom home, which also has elements of electric underfloor heating in a conservatory of all places, when would the system provide enough power, to power the home for the whole day and night, proving that battery storage not only works, but also provides energy when needed, with a topup during off-peak hours during the winter months.

Well on February 14th we got that confirmation. A month earlier than we thought we would!!

Basically, there isn’t enough sunlight hours to power a home in winter with battery storage. Add in that topup from the grid, could it last a whole day? Add in a hybrid vehicle and general day to day use, surely there is no chance during the winter months, even when it is sunny. After all your only talking about 23 solar panels??

But yesterday, after a topup of the battery during off peak hours, the home managed to use up all of the energy produced by the solar, keep the batteries topped up all day, heat the conservatory which has nextgen underfloor heating, but also continuously, top up the hybrid vehicle after being used for the local school run. In fact, it even produced enough, to put approx 2kWh back into the grid aswell!!

There you have it, being this off grid in February, imagine if every home was like that, what a reduction in energy costs and an aid in the fight against climate change.

We have the data to prove it, we thought that this level of achievement wouldn’t come until the days were longer and the weather warmer, but proof is in the pudden as they say, that’s not in test conditions, thats real life, actual usage. Bring on the energy revolution…….

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